Welcome to New Jupiter Media's free keyword tool. This "public" version doesn't have all the bells and whistles or the "advanced" version used by New Jupiter Media staff, but you are welcome to use this version of the tool at no charge. Please contact Support@NewJupiterMedia.com if you are interested in licensing the "advanced" version.

Digital Advertising services such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads allow advertisers to reach targeted prospects based upon their searches. The most common phrases quickly bid up in price. The best way to get low-priced clicks is to develop a large list of long-tail keyword that other advertisers aren't likely to be bidding on.

This tool makes it easy to develop huge lists of keywords in just moments. Base keywords are entered into one, two, or three input lists, depending upon the particular strategy to be utilized.

Step 1: Enter Keywords

Group A

Include individual keywords

Group B

Include individual keywords

Group C

Include individual keywords

Step 2: Choose Combination Options

Examples assume Broad (a b) selected in Step 3. Default Mix Produces (a b, a b c, b c)

Include Words in Reverse (a b, b a)?

Step 3: Choose The Keyword Types

Phrase ("a b")?

Exact ([a b])?

Broad (a b)?

Broad Match Modified (+a +b)?

Make All Lower Case (removes all capital letters)?